Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This, that, Turner, Click and Merlot

This—high pressure system sitting right over the top of us and my head is killing me! Ears are popping, sinus pressure, eyes are dry, and stomach upset. Though I am loving many parts of the dry spell we are having, ie the landscapers are hard at work. If it would just move a little further east, it would help some. Duck pond needs water, my newly planted bulbs need a drink and the road is so dusty right now.

That---darn cat. Daisy has gotten unusually brave and has been routinely sighted wandering the kitchen, living room and dining room, with dogs present. She wants to die, I just know it’s a suicide run on her part. Could she have had enough of Taylor Swift blaring out of the stereo in the Ms’ room? Or said no more Taylor Lautner and R Pat on the walls J heehee

Turner, Click and Merlot---each are seeking homes of their own. Family discussions as they are have resulted in some decisions.

Merlot(3 yr old black and white cardigan), though we adore her, will not be bred again and seriously needs a home with lots of activity. The Ms is moving on to Pete as her juniors’ dog, partly due to the fact that judges who aren’t supposed to look at structure in juniors dogs, do and Merlot’s excessive turn out is not helping things along. The other factor is that she is in need of someone who wants a fun agility dog or is interested in doing upper level obedience. This dog rocks – already carries metal scent articles, super happy heeling and is always ready to go. So if you want a small(26lbs) black and white blur, call me, we’ll talk!

Click and Turner(blue merle smooth collies, 6 yr old litter mates) Click is on the small side for a female at 45-50 lbs, while Turner is larger male, about 75 lbs. Both have been trained through novice level obedience, had some basic agility and herding. House trained, crate trained, travel well and easy to get along with. Click can be a little pushy, so needs a home without an alpha dog already in residence. She can also be nosy, so you must be able to deal with her wandering and snoping. Turner’s needs are a little bit different. Upon his return to our home after a short span of living away from home as a pup, he had severe trust issues. Once you gain his trust, he will do anything for you, but needs a steady loving hand and consistency. I’ve done loads of work with him at 4-h obedience classes and he does do well but is nervous. Tends to be a flight dog therefore does need a fenced yard. No need for them to go to the same home but would be nice.

If by chance you are interested in one of these guys, just drop me a line at and we can talk further. Just looking for loving forever homes for them.

Is it Friday yet? Lotto drawing tonight, I still swear I'm going to win it today!

Later gators....

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