Friday, October 7, 2011

Good night Moon and a failed attempt

I know, hard to see plus my camera and I were having issues last night, you'll see that in the next few photos. But I couldn't help but take this photo.

This is supposed to be a photo of the big red dog. He moved. My camera didn't like it.
And this is what he's supposed to look like when he doesn't move. But now he's got devil dog eyes and look at Psycho Chick(rt) and Mother Of All(left), they have space alien eyes.

Jeff said it was his turn now. The camera likes him I think but....

is this not scary? He's not an Edweirdo son, is he? Barks like him, alot.
And again, too dark, but you can see, the landscapers are hard at work and the clean up crew has moved in.
I promised a photo of the new chateau quack. Flamingos are guarding it right now. Waiting for our landscape crew to show up so it can get moved to it's permanent location.
And for Penni, an Iowa sunset....have a great weekend!

Later gators....

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