Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Crunch time

The Tall Kid and his canine sidekick have entered into crunch time! Standings as of August 31 so that Connor is currently:

#6 all breed (Canine Chronicle/Showsight)
#11 breed(both systems) up from #12 in July when he didn't show at all!

Interesting to note, in the group stats, 2 OES in the top 20, 3 GSD's, 2 pemmies and 2 cwcs. And I remember when the cwc's were luck to make a cut in group!

Luck has it that the Tall Kid is working mucho overtime and has built up the show reserves. Seems like he's going to be out every weekend till the end of the year. I, senora bucket b**ch, will be attending some of those shows, I just can't wing them all, especially when I get to go play with Elephants up in Madision.

And I'm winning the PowerBall this week!

Later gators.....

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