Monday, October 3, 2011

How to spend a perfect Iowa weekend?

Cooking of course. No dog shows, no obedience trials, nope, stay at home weekend.

Alec's working major overtime at the Elevator as well as his 2nd job at Lowe's, so we didn't see much of him-fleeting glance was all. Praying he doesn't burn himself out, though the upcoming dog show weekends will give him time to rest, maybe.

CRKA presented a check to the K9Cola organization and helped with the leash cutting ceremony for the grand reopening of Cedar Rapid's only off leash dog park. It was pretty much washed off the map when the 2008 floods came through. Ms took EBD and Moosie for walks in the large area and I spent time talking to a lot of people about the club and dog training. Weather was perfect. Then it was to the bakery for zlincki's and fresh donuts and home to mow. Well, Hubby mowed as he had a new blade for the mower and I felt like we were on safarri in the front yard.

I headed to the kitchen and attacked the table full of butternut squash.

So what did I end up making this weekend? Two loaves of Grandmother bread, 2 double batches of squash butter(ummmm) Went out and cut herbs and got those going in the dehydrator. Lovely salsa with the left over tomatos I salvaged out of the garden and from Alec's hot hot hot, did I mention hot? pepper plant. Big pan of apple crisp, yummy meat loaf for dinner and lunches this week. Oh, roasted garlic - -used that in the salsa and meatloaf. Forgot about the corned beef I cooked Saturday. Ruebens' are my favorite and I was really looking forward to corned beef hash, that was until Alec took the remains for lunch.

Cleaned the freezer and pulled out chickens to give to my brother as well as a couple dozen eggs. We got the Chick Chalet this weekend. No wait, that's going to be renamed Chateau Quack. What ever! Problem being, my dad thought that we had double gates on one side of the barn. Math problem--building is 15' x 15'. Gates are only double coming into the yard, pasture only has 8' single gates. Don't fit. For now it's sitting on skids in the hay field right next to the corn field. As soon as my cousin gets the end rows of corn out, we'll drag it around through the field, remove the panels at the south end of Poultry Central, rip out the section of fence we did plan on taking out and get it where we want it. Then it's rebuilding fence, reroute water run off and get new doors on the building, chicken wire the front and patch two holes. It's already wired so we just need to run electric out to it!

Photos coming--it's just sitting there now and not very attractive. Though the move 5 miles from my brother's was not with drama. Low powerlines and a rogue skunk that Dad had to shoot on the way to our place. Never ever a dull moment.

Moo, Phoenix and Glory spent the better part of the day in the front paddock(aka old hay field). The Monsters spent their day barking at the horses who are not supposed to be there!

Tonight-read 4-H record books, bake more bread and what's for dinner, um, cheddar brats on the grill.

Later gators....

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