Monday, July 18, 2011

Wagons Ho!

Never, ever let my father on Craigslist, nor my hubby. Seems they both saw the same ad, said the same thing and 8am on Sunday were on a mission.

I will be in possession of the following item by the end of August.

It needs a little cleaning up, just one or two minor things repaired, repainted into our colors(hunter green and blue) and well, it's ready for the shows. Comes with all the extras to do either an 8, 6 or 4 up team. Little too big for 2 but will work that way, seems David might have a wedding booked in September.

And I still haven't gotten the adjustor out for the roof yet! Though the cat did her own inspection last night and forgot that we removed the ladder-had to be "rescued" this morning.

Later gators...


Scott said...

Very nice. Now just need to elect one of your corgis as "Top Dog" to ride along in style.

Either that or put tiny wheels on it to mimic the "low rider" corgis.

Cindy said...

Yeap, Moose has already asked to sit next to the driver. He's my golf cart mascot so why can't he be the show wagon mascot?