Friday, July 15, 2011

Iowa Corgi Frap--just around the corner

This weekend is busy--it's major clean up, mow, trim and get ready for the influx of a thousand corgis. Okay that might be a little bit of an stretch, but man, we have a lot that visit.

Annual Iowa Corgi Frap
The Munier McDonald Homestead
Central City, IA

July 23rd(Saturday)
11ish till ?????

Potluck sides and desserts(we love anything chocolate or fruity)

BBQ Chicken(home grown this year) and Grilled Sweet Corn(local as ours was toasted by the hail storm)

Also provided are drinks-Lemonade and Iced Tea. You are welcome to bring anything else you might like.

Fully fenced yard with Chickens and Ducks to harass, Horses to bark at and the Pool will be open too. Those adventrous can also take a trek to the creek - though you never know what will happen(ie, Moose and the smelly green stuff) Agility equipment will be out for those who want to play on that too.

Please bring along chairs, ezups and xpens. We do not have any trees big enough to provide decent shade and well, it's supposed to be HOT.

Corgis, Corgi mixes, Corgi Wanna Bees and hoomans all welcome. If you are curious and just want to come and visit, by all means, pull up a chair and learn to love a life filled with corgi hair.

Please email me at for directions or if you kind of know the way, follow the bunny butt signs.

See you in a week!!!!



Taryn said...

Sure sounds like a lot of fun! Too bad it's 991 miles away! Guess I won't be making it :-)

Liz said...

Next year for sure! We wish we could make it - have a wonderful time.

Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

I am really bummed, I signed up for a bargello quilting class several months ago...and paid for it! OK next year!