Monday, July 18, 2011

Like mother, like son

I'm a bad puppy parent. Sorry for the lack of photos recently but man, it's been non stop chaos with fair, heat and picinic. The Comedy Troupe is now 6 weeks old and terrorizing the house. Funny, Connor adores them and can't get enough. Neither can Pete. Everyone else is leary because they are just waiting for more puppies to appear out of the woodwork!

Merlot likes to hide under or sleep under blankets. This weekend(camara not handy), she jumped in the chair, dug under the fleece blanket that was thrown there and all you could see was the tip of her nose sticking out.

These were taken by the Ms earlier in the week:

I know that under there, somewhere is a puppy!

Hi Jeff! How's it going??

And yes that is a metal scent article. A year ago when my dear friend, Kaye's estate, was being settled, I bought two full sets of scent articles as well as a couple extras. These puppies, like their mother, carry around dishes, metal silverware so I figured, what the heck, start them early! And they carry that darn thing all over the place now.

It's hard to eat when a sibling's body is in the food dish.
And last but not least---official names!

Wide Load aka Jeff aka Foggy Bottom's Spark of Insanity is staying here for the Ms to play with.

Shorty aka Abbott aka Foggy Bottom's Who's on First? is available to a companion home.

Kinkajou aka Ollie aka Foggy Bottom's Buck Private is going to a companion home in IL.

Narrow aka Nero aka Foggy Bottom's Another Fine Mess is headed to the great state of WI to a performance home.

Later gators....



Liz said...

Thanks for the pics and what great names! I wonder if I'll run into Nero at some point in the next couple of years.

Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Oh my goodness, those are some cute puppies!