Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sorry -- LCS takes a blow!

For years, we've run across groups of people who claim that corgis are mean, rotten, nasty, noisy, nippy little hair throwing dogs. The joke is that out in there in the hinterlands, there is a dedicated group of people who let those false notions stay alive and keep the hidden joy of owning a corgi to themselves.

Sorry, last night was a huge blow to the LCS(Lesser Corgi Society).

Our annual pre-show meeting and BBQ was held at Ellen's barn out by Mt Vernon. Ellen has dressage horses, gives lessons and also is owned by a beautiful whippet named Jackie. The Ms loves nothing more then going out there and being Ellen's bucket bitch - doing horse chores, holding horses or even mucking a stall if needed. We've had some wonderful dinners out at her place and it was great last night, a little hot, but still great to eat out at the buffet out in the barn.

Dogs always welcome and Lace and Moose got to go. They had a blast. No leashes, able to wander all over the place. Chase a few beezers, whippet, mt curr mix(who's in love with Lace) but mostly they were good dogs, hung out in the barn aisle with us, tongues to the ground. Yeap, Moose was an angel and made loads of friends. Especially is they would rub his ears. Lace went in the house later while we cleaned up and decided that Jackie's couch was now her favorite spot, didn't hurt that the a/c was going in the house either. It was even nicer to know how trust worthy my dogs are-not even a thought about taking off, stealing from the buffet or starting an argument with the other dogs.

Again, apologizes to the LCS, your secret is out--corgis are calm, quiet, well behaved, and can really charm the pants of people who have no idea what a corgi is!

Later gators...

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