Thursday, July 28, 2011

Walk through time--I'm feeling old now

Once again, I yell out the front door for a specific dog, who has found that the underside of the Chateau Quack/Chick Chalet is the best spot in the entire world. I must of course go check that area out as I feel there is a tunnel being dug to help, er, free?, the chickens from their horrendous jail. Me thinkest that it's more along the lines of digging for a free dinner?

Anyway, the culprit turns 11 on Saturday. 11? 11!! How in the world did that happen? Can't be, can it? I swear there was a time when a certain kid almost could not look over the top of his dog on the table, now he towers. A first champion, a first rally title, a first state fair win. And at age 11, the dude is back in the ring with the Ms and loving every minute of it. Retirement was getting boring anyway, or was it?

Recent escapades include the duck head he brought in to the house. Or letting the horses into the front yard so that he could go to the creek. Or how about destroying yet another sprinkler?

Here's a Happy Barkday to Fred, aka Papa aka FREDERICK! A boy's best friend and the foundation of the Foggy Bottom/Summit Cardigans.

CH Kylea's FogyBotm Magic Tric CGC CD RN HiC TDI(retired)

And let's not forget his legacy.....Champion Summit's Margaritaville FB(daughter), Can CH/GRCH Summit FogyBotm White Russian CGC(grandson and group placer), CH Sumjammin Five O'Clock Somewhere FB CGC(grandson), CH Sumjammin Come Monday(granddaughter), CH Sumjammin Changes N'Lattitude FB(grandson), CH Sumjammin I Want You! at FB(granddaughter/group placer), mjr pt Summit Foggy Bottom Sailor's Moon and Summit FogyBotm Persuid's Plunge, ptd Summit FogyBotm Great Northern Lites(great grandsons) Plus he's got several other kids with peformance and herding titles!

I think there might be a big bone with his name on it!

Later gators....



Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Happy barkday Grandpa. Love, Ruffled

Winjammin' said...

Happy Barkday Farmer Fred!!!