Friday, July 8, 2011

So fair, so good!

Well we survived static exhibits and the poultry show. That leaves draft horse pull, dog show and horse show.

Results at this point for the Ms are:
Herb-chocolate mint-blue
Single stem flower-heritage snapdragon-red(didn't get judged till late in the day and the heat wilted it some-oh well)
Visual arts-decoupage bird house-blue(possible state fair consideration but was a little tacky due to the heat and humidity)

We also all helped out with the poultry show, starting with set up on Saturday. Planned for tons of birds and planned it well. Only a few spare cages and it was moved to a new and much better building! David was here and there all day long with the fair board stuff and I was a judge's assistant. Purposely because I wanted to learn more! And man did I learn stuff. Thanks' to Jackie for letting me do this and for putting on a great show. Potluck for lunch, great door prizes and overall, a well run show!

Results for the Ms and her birds:

American-Commerical Barred Rock pullet-blue
American-Commerical Barred Rock cockeral-blue(for sale-two available-or headed to freezer)
Mediterian-Ancona pullet-blue
Mediterian-Ancona cockeral-blue and best in subcategory
Commerical Egg production Red Star pullet-blue(for sale-three available)
Commerical Egg production Red Star cockeral-blue and best in subcategory(freezer bound)
Asiatic-Buff Braham pullet(the infamous Polly)-blue and best in subcategory
Other Standard-Amerucana pullet-blue
Other Standard-Amerucana cockeral-blue(for sale-two wheaten's available)
Pairs-Barred Rock and Ancona-both got blues
Light Ducks-Indian Runners(2) aged drakes-both blues and one best in subcategory
Med Ducks-Ancona(2) aged drakes-both blues and one best in subcategory
Showmanship--the Ms had 2 cuts in the class and was in the top 4 in the end-tough tough class.

We also got offers from one of the judges to purchase some ducklings we might produce!!

Garrett---make you a deal on a drake in exchange for ducklings!!!!!! We currently have a chocolate, black and white and lavender and white(that one we will loan, not sell)

We landed at home at 6ish, unloaded and fed all the poultry, sat in the chair and died.

What a great day! Great people, wonderful judges and lots and lots of cool birds.

More next week after the rest of the fair is over!

Later gators...

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Garrett808 said...

congrats on all the ribbons! I'm totally ok with trading for ducklings!! My 5 girls I hope will lay yet this year, but they are only 4 months old. but they are awesome!

keep me posted.