Tuesday, July 12, 2011

He Who Hear's Voices

Or is it He Who Catches Flies? Nah, this time it's just Charlie.

Seriously, though he goes by many different names(depending on what voice in his head is telling him to do), I can't help but love the goofy boy. Alec keeps telling me that I have a knack for picking the weird ones. Though from this photo, weird could be good????

I am still in shock. I thought it was the wrong photo, had to be someone else's dog. I'm used to seeing a tubey, hairless, muddy, silly puppy romping in the back yard pool or puddle with Frankie and Dove.

Man, you can see his daddy there as well as mom. Good job Ruffles and Abbers!!!

Later gators....


Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Ruffles says, "good job, son". And the rest of the Riverbend Crowd says, "woooooooo whooooooo!!!"

Ashley said...

Yes, I definitely see both Abby and Ruffles! That's a fine looking boy!