Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Over. Done. I need a vacation from my vacation

It's officially done. Another year in the record book and man, I need a vacation from my vacation.

So last I left you, we had gotten the poultry show done and were now on to a day of rest before the big weekend. David had Draft Horse pull on Saturday, I had dog show set up then dog show on Sunday followed by tear down and Horse show on Monday.

Draft Horse pull as a huge success, little warm but not horrible. God saved that for me on Sunday. Once the open goat show was over, we went and started doing some dog show set up. Then back up to the grounds at 6am on Sunday to finish up.

We have a great building to use but a little flooring issue as after three other shows during the week, it's all dust. So water wagon to the rescue and we have a cool, damp, non-dusty floor. But in exchange, we had 90 to 100 degree temps for the day. Not a good for dogs or humans alike.

Judges were great, kids were great and all in all by 6pm that evening(yes our show is that large that we start at 9, end at 5:30. ) no major issues.

Timber the BC once again did his little catch me if you can with his handler, Christopher. Comic relief for the day. I needed that. Great help too! Jackie and her son Mike who run the poultry show, came up to help. So did Candace, Corrina and Abigail. Can't do it with out great support staff, thank you!!!!!

So how did the Ms do???? Well......

Moose-told the dumbbell in open obedience where it could go. If he had done the retrieve instead of going out and staring at it, she would have gotten a 190 plus score but alas, red ribbon. She was happy though, he did most everything else she asked of him.
Moose-agility-it was hot, he was tired, she was really tired but still managed a blue and 3rd place in under 16".
Eddie-prenovice obedience. Now let me tell you for a dog that came out of mothballs two weeks earlier because her original dog-Pete was in season, he did pretty damn good. Other then getting riled up by Timber prior to long sits and downs. Red I think was her score but she was up in the top 5 in a huge class of like 20 kids.

The big win was with Fred. Did you know he's 11???? Did you know he's still got it???? Oh Yeah, the Ms takes BIS for showmanship with the Old Man. She was so happy and he actually looked like he was enjoying being back in the ring!

So that closes another dog show for a year--those reading this blog---keep working with your dogs and see you next spring!!!

Now to Monday--there's another blog post for the early morning's events. But for now, I'm nursing a sunburn, brusied legs and pretty happy with how the Ms and her herd did at the show. The shocker of the day was Torey. I mean he's a decent horse by the standards, not outstanding but well enough put together to not be an embarassment. Aged Stock Geldings is the biggest class in halter. Usually 15-20 kids. He was squirrelly outside the ring, walked in and turned into a statue. Came out with 6th place!!!!!!!!! Let's just say the Ms was super happy. 2nd place in draft halter as we were up against a belgain. Any given day a belgian will win over a clyde due to it being a more popular animal and more seen. Quality well, I'll save that for later. Judges don't really truly understand draft structure and judge them as a stock horse. 'Nough said.

Rest of the day was hot with sun but a decent breeze. They got 7th in trail, again she was happy as she keeps getting better and better placings each year in that class. Reds in pleasure as Torey was throwing his head a lot but that's okay, more work in the arena as he usually just pleasure and trail rides.

We dragged our dusty, hot butts home and well.....unloaded all the fair stuff, some of it got put away and then......surveyed the damage. That's for another post....

Later gators....

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Sherilyn said...

Congrats on the great week at the fair!! The Ms. has every reason to be proud..she just gets better and better!! :) Way to go, Meredith!!! We're proud of you!