Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Broke my flip flop

No photos, I just couldn't bear it. I broke my flip flop--not on a pop top though, would have been much better.

I broke it running out the door, to "save" the dogs from the stampeding herd of horses.

Okay, so that's a little extreme. Way extreme. "Save" the dogs-ha, it was save the agility equipment--Clydesdales were doing their walk throughs on the modified jumpers course. My dogs--the smell, the color, ugh, went to on a walkabout in the pasture.

Fair chaos-we forget somethings. Like chaining the gate AND latching it with the snap and wire. See we have a locksmith named Torey and his apprentice is Rio. Gates are to be played with and opened. I sit down in the chair to watch a little bit of the news before we start herding chickens to the tubs. A Clydesdale waltzes in front of the picture window. Then a bay, a paint, a paint, you get the picture. Let me fill in the blanks with three collies, three cardigans and 1 ugly dog out in the yard too. Well they were.

Unlike other people with multiple species on their place, we have rules about how the livestock acts around each other. Dogs are exposed to all the stock routinely, not hidden away behind fences and panels. Chickens and ducks are not to be eaten-still working on that one(breakfast this morning was a wayward hen). Horses are not to be chased by the dogs and dogs are not to be teased by the horses. Those are pretty well enforced. The horses ignore the dogs as long as the dogs leave them alone. My dogs do not even think about chasing horses-it does not happen, period. They are more then happy to just go out and eat goodies, roll in smelly stuff and turn shades of green. Which is what happened.

5 horses in the front yard wandering around the agility course-mowing it for me. One cardigan sitting at the front step watching them-signaling faults and off courses. Two collies bounding around the pasture going from one steaming pile to another, the third totally out of his element and just too damn happy and not knowing why. One cardigan in the barn, a dark shade of green on his chest. And the ugly dog, sitting on the step next to the cardigan, he's the timer.

Oh wait, I'm missing one short dog. I stand at the step, chewing out the broken flip flop and beller---you got it---MOOOSEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! I know exactly where he is-creek. 2 mins later he comes bounding up the path and you could smell him from that distance. Oh it was bad. He was bright green from head to toe. Did I mention the smell? Ewwww.

He got a bath with a cold hose. So did Fred-the green dog in the barn. They slept in the kitchen last night, no way were they getting any where near my bed. Horses went back in the pasture, no worries there-they know the routine. Gate secured 3 ways and Torey chewed out for undoing the chain. Me-new flip flop found, warm water in the tubs and it was wash day for the chickens. Access the agility course-all good, no damage and a darn good job with the mowing and trimming.

Today's chaos.....we have to catch the Ancona chickens(known to be flighty and hard to controll) this afternoon to take to the show. Should be another adventure to post later.

Later gators....


penni said...

hmmm . . . maybe I don't want to add livestock to the place . . .

Cindy said...

The key is that the livestock needs to get along with each other! The biggest rule I have is no chasing each other-I do not tolerate it at all, especially with the horses. Now the poultry - only when I ask or the neighbor's cows--only when I ask.

It's a zoo I tell ya!

Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

OMG! I wish I could have sat next to the timer and watched the show. You could have charged admission to that one!