Friday, July 22, 2011

I love the mail man, hate the Fedex dude

Fed Ex dude is on my s**t list. Seems my vaccines were shipped but 2nd day air sends them from their fairly close to me location to Indianapolis for an overnight stay. Then sends them back my way where he delivers them, not to the front door as indicated on the shipping info, but in our lovely 115 heat index, sets them just inside the front gate. Good thing I had Alec check for the package and saved it from roasting. Vaccines still cool and usable. Though I did complain both directions-where I purchased them from and with my local Fed Ex. I love this company's customer service. Full refund on shipping and an additional $25 credit on my account.

But my mail man is the best ever. He knows to ring the bell at the gate if the dogs aren't out or to get our attention. And yesterday he delivered this!

We got Connor's bronze level GCH certificate a few weeks ago but also got this awesome and very heavy, medallion in the mail. My key ring is getting heavier-three BBE medallions, new title and now the bronze medallion.

Later gators...


Sharrie said...

I had just the opposite from Fed Ex once. Delivery man set package in my house. I was in the shower. Wow!!! I complained, big time!!!!

Cindy said...

Good LORD, that's scary! My mail man will come in the gate if the dogs aren't loose and set it inside the screen door if it's light and might blow away, but never inside the house!