Friday, July 22, 2011

A roof over my head

Adjustor crawled around the rafters, roof and attic.


It's not looking good.

From what was relayed to me by the young son, it's good and bad. Good in that the whole roof will not need to be torn off. Bad, the roof vent has to come off, soffits and facia removed, the roof literally opened up, supports, rafters rebuilt, reattached, then the roof lowered and resecured. A small area of shingles will need to be replaced along with soffits, facia and roof venting.

Good news is that the shingles are on a 20 yr warranty.

Bad news, no idea how long it will take nor when it will start.

Bad news, it's raining and we are in a mild threat of severe weather for the next 48 hours.

Good news, no wind yet.

Now comes the paperwork part!

Later gators....

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