Friday, July 1, 2011

Busy weekend

Well, since the weekend looks to be packed with stuff to do, figured I'd post now while it's slightly quiet.

Tomorrow is errands and more errands and let's see, more errands. With fair fast approaching--eeek-next week!! We, I should say, the Ms has a few things left to attend to: rocket, visual arts project and horticulture. The last one is potted plants this year as the garden with all the rain and hail, did not do well enough to have something ready. Then let's see, farmer's market in the morning, grocery shopping, up to the fair grounds to help set up for the poultry show, back to town to shop for shorts, new shoes for the MS and see if we can find a cooler show outfit for her for dog showing. Oh forgot, new jeans and white shirt for the horse show. Load up on supplies to carry us through the week at fair too. Did I forget about moving the Comedy Troupe to the study/dog area of the house? That means floor coverings, crates, pads and a new xpen to set up.

Sunday-more errands. I have some great coupons for stuff to finish her visual arts projects.

Move chicken house. Build screens for chateau quack. Build gate panels for the pole gates to keep dogs out of pasture. Clean agility equipment for fair.

Honestly, I know I'm missing something??????

Monday it's all about antiques!! 32nd annual Hanson's Grove, then Lincoln Highway Show, then Marion then I think we might have just enough time for a quick trip to Kalona for supplies.

Fire works! Wee haaaa!!! We usually take Eddie and Moose up to the Linn County Fair Grounds and find our perfect spot and sit and watch. I lose the Ms to the crowds as she finds her friends and says see ya!

Now the only hope is that we can get the Ms through the heat. Thank goodness for central air, other wise I would have a kid in the emergency room daily with heat stroke. Today it's up in the upper 90's with heat index of 110 to 115. Humidity is in the horrendous zone-75 to 80% Dogs are pissed about not being able to be out for the usual 5-6 hours. Especially Connor-he loves his big yard and girls. Last night he was actually depressed and kept longingly looking out the window. Time for kongs, buster cubes and new bones to fight off boredom. He even hates heading down stairs to Alec's room which is easily 10-15 degrees cooler then the upstairs. Silly dog. For the rest of them it's about 1/2 hour out then back in. Even the new chicks got moved into the house from the outside brooder-just too darn hot for them.

So to everyone out there, have a Happy Fourth of July!! Eat way too much, have too much fun and don't let the heat get to you!!

Later gators....

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Sherilyn said...

Have a great weekend, and try to get some rest in amongst all the errands! Stay cool and safe! Hugs!