Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekend? What weekend?

I come back to work to recover from the weekend! We had it jam packed as noted in the previous post, most of it got done, some not, and other's-1/2 done.

As noted, TODAY starts the 2011 Linn County Fair. Horse/Pony game show-Ms only has one entry in that with the egg-n-spoon class. Then it's back home to wash chickens for the poultry show on Thursday. In between she and Dad are finishing up the final touches on the rocket and getting things packed for entry in horticulture and her visual arts project. Which I might add, is super cute this year. Took an idea from a tv show and expanded on it. Photos after judging, which is tomorrow. Then poultry entry Wed, show Thursday, Friday clip horses, Saturday draft horse pull and draft demo, set up dog after the goat show is done. Sunday dog show, Monday horse show.

But back to the weekend. I had to spend money, it hurt. The Ms, she grows and grows and grows. New shoes, capris, tops and assorted other items. We were every where. Sunday wasn't much better as we had our coupons to use at Michael's and went a little over board.

MONDAY was the day for bargins though! David found his feed grinder at Hanson's Grove-which he some what regretted our parking spot as he had to carry it all the way back! The Ms found a breyer she didn't have and even got a deal on it-she's learning the fine art of wheelin'-n-dealin'. To Mt Vernon and the Lincoln Hwy Show--found my plant stand, two collie statues, a ring at the Silver Spider, homemade short bread, and hum, what else, oh, David found heehee- a handle for the gate--made out of an old Ford wrench. Then to Marion for more deals--we were dragging and it was only noon!

Rubber duckies, more post cards, "family photos"--ask David about that, and almost a new garden gate, but alas, it's not tall enough.

Home-puppies are now in general population and Merlot is not liking it. Over possesive is an understatement with her. Nap time for humans, actually we spent about an hour with our feet soaking in the wading pool while The Ms teased Max with the hose-he was banned to the outside until he dried off. Secure all dogs, head to Central City for fire works.

The benefit of knowing the grounds like we do, means taking the back road in and getting primo space. Great show once again-sat with Mom, Dad, Angie, Scott and Brenda. But took twice as long to get back home. Seriously need to work on traffic management out of the grounds.

I so need a vacation from my 3 day vacation!

Later gators....

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