Thursday, June 30, 2011

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Since I'm not one to hide or place a simple label of "Oh lost a puppy today, how tragic, end of story" , here's the full access.

We've been round the clock supplementing our little girl puppy since day one, four long weeks. Antibiotics on board for pneumonia and such. Two different vets, finally being able to take her into Doc's today. She's lost weight, gained weight, struggled to eat, and just not developed like I wanted. Today it was determined that she had a cleft palette. And today she left this world to wait at the bridge with Clairee.

Now truthfully, I'm on an emotional roller coaster as it is this week. So here's the scoop-don't point fingers and try to make this out to be more then it should be. I know of one person who will. Stop right in your tracks. I've been privy to a few things that the rest of the world has no idea about, so until you come clean with the whole truth, you have no right. I have so much more I would like to add in here, but you know, you're not worth it.

We originally determined that our little girl was significantly early compared to her brothers. Research shows that that indeed could be an issue. As well as stress on the mom, or contact with some sort of virus, chemical etc. The last two I hardly believe as those are the things I really am obsessive about with my dogs. The first part, hello? Have you met Merlot-that dog is the most stressly dog I know, though overally active, stress, nah. And before you think about bashing the sire or dam, most of these are not considered genetic all though there is some predisposition in "push face" breeds just due to their phyiscal makeup. Yes, there was a chance of continuing to care for her until she was old enough for surgery, but I and Doc felt that there might be other mitigating circumstances that would cause her issues later on-she was premature and neurologically was not doing as well as her brothers. I would hate to put the medical issues on to someone else nor do I feel I have the time and resources to devote to her without robbing the other dogs in the house of their due time.

Simply put, things just happen that we have no control over, no rhyme nor reason for and can not place the blame on one person, event or object. God is in control and that's the way it is.

So now we go forward and I have four super healthy boys that are climbing out of the whelping box and will move to into the main part of the house to start intensive socializing and chaos training.

Later gators...


gsk said...

God bless, Cindy. Hang in there.

Lani said...

Sorry to hear that, Cindy. What a tough decision to make.

Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Oh Cindy, I am so sorry. What a week. You and the whole crew are in my thoughts and prayers. As always, feel nothing but support from the Riverbend crew! God Bless. Kim and Kathy

Sherilyn said...

So sorry to hear that, Cindy. Sometimes things are just not meant to be, no matter how hard we try to help. I know you did everything you could for her, but now we know she's at the bridge, keeping Clairee company. Clairee loves the babies, so now she has one to love. Hugs and love headed your way. Can't wait to see the boys!

Ashley said...

I'm very sorry bout your little girl C. Life sucks sometimes. It really, truly does. But, you're right. That's the way life is. God has control of the situation and we just do our part, which you guys have most certainly done. You have gone above and beyond...much more than most people would've done for that sweet little girl. Thanks for being such a great person.

PS - give Walt and the rest of the crew hugs and kisses from us! Can't wait to come out for a visit.

Liz said...

I was so sad to see your post. You have had such a hard month - hang in there. I'm glad the boys are all doing well.