Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ooops, I did it again!

Not a Brittany fan but the title just so fits.

More chickens. Yeap, I did it again. The current flock is due to be cut in half or more on Monday. I see loads of chickens in the freezer by mid week! But I said sure why not to Vicki and well, new chicks to be picked up on Saturday after their latest Ag in the Park event.

Mixed lot-so not sure what I get but the Ms really wants more brahamas. Me, no more roosters as Mr Black and White is more then enough crowing.

Weekend update--got word that our friend Ly-Lee went to Fort Dodge and did well with her dogs. Another fine weekend for Diamante Collies!

Shut the central air off last night, opened windows! Almost slept through my 1 am alarm to feed the little girl. Tonight--nothing for the first time in two weeks. Hum what to do with myself?

Later gators..

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