Thursday, June 23, 2011


I've become a stats crazied mom. I never used to be that way, but with Alec and Connor burning up the ring, now I have a need to keep track.

Dog News Stats:
7 GCH CH Diamante’s Five Alarm Fire 0 0 0 0 1 172A Munier

Canine Chronicle-all breed:
9 GCH CH Diamante's Five Alarm Fire 234 A Munier

Canine Chronicle-breed
12 GCH CH Diamante's Five Alarm Fire 69 A Munier

Showsite-breed & all breed:
9 GCH CH Diamante's Five Alarm Fire (M) Owner: A Munier

AND....all these are through the end of May. Remember too, that Connor had taken most of the May and June off! Current figures also state that he's at 99 Hawkins points with 3 months showing and with the wins over the last 3 weekends including the Group 1, he should be moving up quite a bit in the June figures!!

Grand Champion: He's #1 in the state of Iowa for 2011 and lifetime. #7 all states and bronze level, through June 8th.

This is just nuts! And I'm blaming it all on the red headed boys in the house! I'm counting dogs, who's absent, who won what....I might have a statistical complex now!

Later to count the beans.....

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