Monday, June 20, 2011


That would texting lingo for Oh My Dog!!!!

Alec and I traveled down south this weekend to the Rolla KC shows held at the Purina Event Center in Gray Summit, MO. Yes there was a closer show. Yes there were cardigan entries. But this summer is not about cardigans. Many of you know and now the world knows, Alec has other fish to fry...... with a new smooth collie special!

Connor, aka GCH Diamante's Five Alarm Fire, is now Alec's dog. Rebecca--you couldn't have made that tall skinny red bearded kid any happier. Easiest dog to live with, gets along with all the dogs, Pete's in love and Max has a new best friend. Great house dog and has taken charge of the big dog bed in the living room.

We knew the collie entry at the close show wouldn't be worth the bother(easy wins but not worth the piddly points). We headed down south where the numbers were. Russ and Charlie tagged along for the ride.

Let me first tell you that the Purina Event Center is super cool! It's built for the dog show person. Awesome grooming, full room for bathing, changing rooms for the people, RV set ups, exercise pens and romping yards. I can't wait to go back down there for another show. Oh and did I mention it's gorgeous out in that area of MO? Sort of, that is if you don't take Hwy 47 and all the hair pin turns and such. I was car sick by the time we arrived on Friday night. I also got the chance to venture on "Kim's bridge", thank goodness we weren't any where close to the 20 ton limit.

Saturday was a nice day-late ring times, no hurries and severe weather rolled through during the night. Talk about storms! Made the day go steamy early but cooled down later. Charlie looks like, well, a teenager right now. He's so gangly, so out of coat, skinny and since we left his "blanket" aka Pete at home, he was in a mood. Nothing either day in the classes, so time for him to stay home for the summer and grow up.

Russ on the other hand gave the national specialty winner a run for her money, coming out with a BOS! Sunday, nothing, judge had her likes and he wasn't one of them. No biggy, nice breed points and more GCH points-he should be getting closer to his Bronze level! We had a great time seeing lots of cardi people we never get to see and I had so much fun catching up with Kim J and Kari all weekend long.

Connor also took BOS on Saturday for more breed points. But the best is yet to come.

Saturday we went to Kim and Kathy's for dinner and a little relaxation. Nice campground but man was it covered with families and kids this weekend. We declared their site as Switzerland during the water ballon fight.

Sunday dawned with super early cardigan ring times-hate those and so does Russ. Especially when he hasn't gotten much sleep due to another round of storms including high winds and hail. After cardigans, we had to rush back and attack a couple rough collies that Alec was handling. I swore bizzare grooming was not in my tack box, but damn, Rebecca taught me tons over the last year and by doggness, Dani looked awesome when we were done(even considering he's so in the midst of loosing all his coat!). In between Connor got his spit and shine-gosh I love those easy to groom dogs now.

Over to the collie judging and Connor took BOV! Then right back in for roughs and Alec finished Dani for Beth! Photos next and happy owner tots off with her new champion. Now it's a wait and see on groups.

Herding is 2nd and we had to rush as the terrier group had a whole six dogs in it. Congratulations to Jon Kimes on his group 1 with his Manchester Terrier--very nice dog. Alec and Connor head in for group. Nice big herding selection. Pulls made, Connor's in the mix! I'm nervous, Alec and Connor are flying around the ring. The judge, Dr Carol White-Moser, had too many great options to choose from-Libbie the cardigan, great aussie, nice cattle dog....

I swear, Alec's never nervous with his dogs in the ring, but I saw his hands shaking. She pointed at him!!!!!! Connor takes the Group 1!!!! Kid is all smiles. Aussie 2nd, CWC 3rd and ACD 3rd.

Now we have to wait for BIS--talk about a wait. It ended up going to a very deserving, already MBIS lab--you can't complain when the quality in the ring is that top notch, it could have gone to any of them.

Alec came home with a nice blue rosette, good photos(will post those later), lots of Pro Club stuff-crate fan, rolling duffle, coolers and dog food. Most of all, he came home knowing that he can do it with Connor and that the world had better watch out for them. After this weekend, Connor with an almost 2 mo lay off, is back in the top ten, all breed and breed, possibly in the top 5. Well over 100 Hawkins, which was the goal by mid year.

Panels are looking good for some upcoming "local"shows, so it's back in the ring we go. I've heard that I have more roughs to groom-eeek! But man, Missouri certainly is looking good....

Later gators...

OH and an update!!!! Liz emailed me and Max(Summit FogyBotm Persuid's Plunge) had another great weekend at the dog show. Nothing on Saturday-congrats to Don on his WD and Teddy on her WB/BOB(only three dogs at the show). But on Sunday she got WD/BOB! I think that gets Max up to 7 or 8 points including one major. Go Max and Liz!!!!!


Jules said...

Congratulations to all!

Ashley said...

Woot woot! That's the way you do it! =]

Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Well deserved wins! Congrats to Alec, Connor and the whole Summit Foggy Bottom crew. Now about Kim's bridge...Kim will never crose that ^%$# bridge again in either her coach, car or SUV! May all of you who cross her, be blessed with the same safe passage as we were that fateful day, but seriously I will NEVER cross that %$#@ bridge again. (As a side note: I tip my hat and will never question David and bridges again!)