Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pretty end to the day

This week has been, well, hell. Still on a 4 hour feeding schedule for the little girl and I have the 1am and 5am shifts. As many will know, I don't do well with less then 6 hours continuous sleep, so 3 hours here and alarm. 3 more hours, alarm. I'm barely functioning. Add in that every day this week after getting to work at 7am and leaving at 5pm, we have activities each night. 4-H meeting, 4-H dog obedience/4-H horse clinic(same night, lucky it was at the same place), makeup 4-H horse clinic, riding lessons/wash dogs, pack for show, leave for show.

Along the way a few mishaps but nothing we can't work through. Chickens escaping into the horse pasture-no biggy. Taking a mud caked clydesdale to the clinic, so we spent 20 mins in the wash stall taking a layer of gunk off her before the Ms worked her in the class. Late feeding on the little girl one night. Another girl going in season. Dogs killing anothe duck(lucky it was a cayuga that I'm trying to get rid of--FYI--four 2 yr old cayugas free to a good home! dog trained and easy to work with)

So on the way to the horse clinic tonight, this is how the day was ending. Peaceful and beautiful. I think the week is going just fine now.

Later gators....

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