Thursday, May 19, 2011


I’ve mentioned that I work with our county 4-H dog project kids. We average 40 kids and their assorted dogs, which makes for a long Tuesday night. Becca is a super help and working with the agility end of it this session, while I wrangle prenovice through open obedience and showmanship.

I think my favorite part is watching the kids start out short, unsure and totally lost at what is going on, then morphing into adults with strength and understanding of what they need to do. Currently there’s Mildred, Anna, and of course, Christopher, who are my youth leaders or soon to graduate members.

All have had different dogs over the course of the years and all have grown by leaps and bounds in not only the dog project but into young adults.

Let’s pick on dear Christopher for a moment. First off he’s now like 6’2 or 3” and shows a 5lb doxie/pap mix. It’s like Alec and Ace all over again. Dolly is awesome and put up with a lot over the years. She has an opinion about it all and you aren’t going to get anything done unless she wants to do it. Now he has, gulp, a border collie. Not just any border collie but one with a pedigree of working and trialing dogs. And the curliest coat I have ever seen on one of the monsters.

Last year at fair during the agility runs, Timber made a name for himself. As it’s pouring rain, the tin roof of the horse arena is singing. Timber has the wee-haas and almost to the very last jump decided to wee-haa it all the around the ring-for minutes on end. We all got the biggest laugh and in the end so did Christopher. This year is a little different, but not by much. At least now when he gets the wee-haas, he has some sort of a recall. Sort of. Takes a lap first then comes.

Tonight is our first night of herding. Timber’s breeder is our teacher. From what I hear he’s doing great—this could be his future in the making. I can’t wait to watch him. And of course, Ms Peterman is herding with the Ms and Moose tonight as well. Could be interesting. Pete is intense. I hope the Ms has some control on her. Moose has too much control, so it’s up to her to let him get a little out of control for a while. Working with those two towards their HT’s at the end of the summer/fall then Moose is off to Camp Kerri for the real deal.

I’m ready-bug spray, sandwich, water bucket and breath mints for the dogs after they get done sampling the jelly beans.

Later gators...

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