Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm so far behind, I'm ahead!

Really I am. Not. I wish.

Every time I walk out to the garden, it rains. I have tons of plants started that are sitting in dog crates in the house waiting to go to the garden. Yes dog crates are awesome to keep dogs out of things. Seeds sitting in a basket waiting for the ground to swallow them up. Ugh, Mother Nature does not want me to garden this year.

Apple trees made it through the winter!! All are blooming but one which is a late season, which I knew and planned for with the addition of another variety in a week. Then Alec wants us to get a cherry tree as well as a pear. NO pears. That was a horrible adventure at the house in town. Told him that since he now has an employee discount card, he can purchase the cherry tree he wants and plant it. That went over well.

This weekend is building moving weekend. Kind of. We inherited a 15 x30 100 yr old timber frame building!!! It’s got huge solid timber walls and used to have a 2nd story. We are putting it in the corner of the front hay field. Have to get the gravel pad down first, but we’ll have it on site until that gets done. Will be used for storage, thinking of adding the 2nd story back on in time and later on use it as a run in for, gulp, sheep. Still debating on that one. It’s weighing the use of them vs the upkeep over the winter and the loss of that section of the hay field. Doubt it’s a this year project but small steps-I’ve already talked to a gal in WI about a small rare breed wool sheep. The other one is the chicken house moving, finally, down the road to our place. The chickens have had it and are now escaping and harassing the ducks during the day.

Let’s see-hum, there’s always the mowing, weeding and my floors need a serious scrubbing. Carpet cleaning this weekend and then the dreaded garage. With the new/old building moved in, the rest of the storage items are headed out so that I can get the wall board up and the kennels moved into the right place. I’ve got a huge chest freezer available for cheap as well as a big fridge. Told David if they aren’t plugged in and full of stuff, they gotta go!

Then the horses-time to figure out what Rio really knows. Phoenix needs a little riding and Torey, oh Torey, the pain. The Ms is starting lessons with him soon. Should be interesting.

Did I mention dogs? Merlot’s breeding did take. And she’s getting huge. Palpated her and at least 4-5, but that’s never a good way to figure out counts, Alec predicts another dozen. Can you see me slug him for that comment? Dog walk at 4-H had the sawhorse uprights stolen this winter so rebuilding those this weekend and then repairing our dog walk supports at home. More watering of the arena, little dusty towards the end of Tuesday night. Oh and UKC rally/obedience show this weekend. Moose and I are going to try to squeeze that in some time during all the rest of the crap!

So now I’m not ahead, or behind, just sitting in limbo trying to figure which direction to go!

Later gators...

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