Thursday, May 19, 2011

I think I forgot to tell you this?

Seriously, I didn’t do it on purpose. It’s just that well, I’ve been on the go since we got home on Sunday and just totally, forgot to post this.

Pete, aka Peterman, aka Sweet Pea, aka rePete----that loveable pointy headed little heathen, finished this weekend!!!!! Woooooo-----Hoooooo!!!!!

Okay even with all those horrible names, she’s my bestest spoiled bud. I do love her. Almost as much as Moose. Actually Alec says she’s the female version of Moose. She’s not that bad, but close. Yes she’s always figuring out a way to get into trouble, it’s usually her mouth and lack of control of it out in the yard. Or the pillow she destuffed. Or the garbage can she emptied. Or the harassment of Max while everyone else is trying to be quiet. She does find ways to make her presence known. She’s currently in love with Connor, who thinks she’s a pest.

What I love about her is just that. Her Kramer, slide through the door, whatcha doin’, attitude. That little white wisp of hair in her left ear or that the judges side is her mother, the off side, of course, is Margie. She takes a special place with both girls gone now. Big paws to fill.

I talk about her pointy little head, a lot. Her head is not her best quality. Though Sarah remarked on Saturday that it is very sweet and kind, it just draws you in. You can’t help but smile when you see her look at you. Those freckles, very much a trait from her mother, make her even sweeter. I was a little taken aback on Sunday though with the judge who gave her the major to finish. She point blank told me while she was going over her in the table-now this is what a brood bitch should look like. Pete floats. Her movement, when given the chance to really extend herself, is one that makes you hold your breath. Unfortunately she gets stuck behind slower dogs a lot. Still she moves cleanly, great reach, drive and coming and going are almost perfect. The judge made a point of talking to me about her. She openly said, her head is nice, but not great. We all agree. But she said the hardest part is getting the rest perfect and we’ve already got that. The easy part is fixing her head. I was told that I better find the best there is out there for her, or I wasn’t doing her justice. Gulp, got our work cut out for us. I do need to thank the judge, Clem McGowen for the advice and for just taking that extra time to talk to me about Pete. Most judges won’t give you the time of day.

I also have to add------yes this is the same judge who finished Russ! And she also finished his Grand Championship Sunday!! She was overally impressed when we were waiting to take photos to find out that yes she finished both dogs, that they were both bred by us and that they were sort of kind of, ½ siblings(their mothers’ are littermates). I like making judges happy!

Well , now Pete can get dirty. I keep telling her that and she keeps coming in the house spotless. Pam said that I need to tell her to keep clean—cause when I did that while she was showing, she always came in slimy and dirty.

So Peterman---stay clean!!!! And what next????
OH--photos to follow soon!

Later gators...

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Ashley said...

Woo HOOOO indeed! Congrats on the finish! That sweet little pointy-headed girl sounds like she has wriggled her way into your heart for keeps. hehe And yes, those freckles are too endearing. Love that! =]

So can't wait to see what Merlot has soon!!!