Monday, May 9, 2011

Mighty hunter?

Frank is ever vigilant for things that should not be in "his" yard. Never mind if they make you drool and foam at the mouth, frogs and toads beware, he'll stomp ya, and eat ya for dinner if you come across the fence line.

It's not unusual for us to find him staring down in a windowwell having a snit fit because of a wayward reptile. He's fallen in the wells too and gotten stuck, butt up in the air, in the need of being rescued.

Watching a movie after we got home from the show/trailer return and almost drifted off to take a nice nap. The Ms is riding her bike up and around the "neighborhood", almost a 2 1/2 mile trip. I figure that all the barking going on is because of her being on the road in front of the house goofing around. Well it sort of was--side track here, as she says it, forgot to stop and had an emergency bail into the ditch when she was trying to make the corner. Daydreaming I believe was the issue there. Anyway, she was walking the bike back for a small handle bar adjustment.

15 mins of barking. I finally had had enough--see the peepers post--I wanted some sort of peace and quiet today! Frank is next to the window well, staring. Barking. Staring. Looks at me when I say shut up and then almost bounces with a "humrpf" and stares more at the same spot. I yell at Alec to "go save what ever frog/toad it is that wandered in the yard" He goes out and this is what we find......

Can you see it? Yes that small, that harmless. A baby bull snake. I fear that's not the first one we'll see this year. Last year we found a nest of bullies near the garden and garter snakes in the mulch pile.

Needless to say, Frank was damn proud of himself. But I do wonder how many he ate before he got full and just started that damn barking?

Later gators...


Dawn said...

Oh thank goodness he was there to protect his family! LOL!

Sherilyn said...

What a good boy!! Daddy Boo is proud of his son! :) He saved his humans!