Monday, May 9, 2011

The peepers are back-ugh

Croakers, peepers, what ever you want to call them, those damn frogs are back in the pond. Totally makes me rethink the placement of the pond and poultry yard. It isn't limited to the night time either though, it is louder once the sun goes down.

After returning from Amana yesterday afternoon, I sent the children out with the fish net to remove them. They got six. Helped the Ms with water duties once the ducks and chickens where put away for the night and counted 20 more! She can hear them at her end of the house and they are driving her nuts. Imagine my room--they are right underneath it.

I ended up finding my trusty earplugs last night, or was it this morning? Finally got a couple hours sleep. Kid is lucky, no school today so she can get some extra sleep. The winds are keeping them a little quieter.

On a side note and more on this later----Mr Maxwell(aka James of the Dirty Dozen) was at a show in WI and took RWD and Best Puppy his first time in the ring, wasn't entered on Saturday but on Sunday!!! WD/BOS for his first points--a major!!!! Yeah Max and way to go Liz!!!! Two puppies pointed from the litter now--again, more on that part when Monday settles down some.

Later gators..


Taryn said...

We have peepers here as well, but they start peeping much earlier than this, usually the first warm evenings in late March/early April.
I LOVE their songs, it means winter is almost done!

Cindy said...

I love hearing them at first but after the 20th one joins in, I start loosing it! The dogs are even sick of them.