Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Houston, we, uh, have ....... coons

Last night was the first night of the dog obedience classes in the usual building. We have to wait until the last campers in storage are out of the year to work in this awesome place. It's huge, room to put up a full size agility course and still have 2 plus rings for obedience and showmanship classes.

Okay, it does need a little work. The fairgrounds keepers had it nicely graded and cleaned for the most part. But it is a little, cough, hack, dusty. I think I lost a few dogs in the clouds of dust. Easy peasy to fix, just set up the hoses and sprinklers this weekend and water it long and deep.

Okay, so we have to remove a couple dead rabbits that were hiding behind the A-frame. Shovel in the back of the truck for that.

Okay, so the coons residing in the cow/calf barn where the rest of the equipment is stored, is a slight problem.

Knowing where they store the rest of it after fair, we(assorted students and parents and I) walked to the other barn to sort through what we needed for the night. Hum, pause table, check. Dog walk up and down parts, check. Few ring gates, check. Chute, check. Open tunnel and cones-uncheck. I started to grab the wheeled cart that those are stored in and it started talking to me. You know that chatter that baby masked bandits make? Yeah that one. And so I let go of the cart, talked to Bekka a little more about what she wanted to teach for the night. We both looked at each other and well, said, hum, do you hear that? I reached over and jiggled it again and the chattering got much louder. To which we both said, I think that's more then enough for the night and beat a hasty retreat outta there! Heaven's help us if the mastermind of the crime would return at that point.

So now, I wait. See what the faithful grounds crew decides to do about it. Then assess the damage to the tunnel and assorted items. Oh and the Ms has a slight bit of work to do with a certain huge red brindle cardigan who decided that he had six feet instead of four last night and really did a number on his first pass at the broad jump. Moose me boy, jumped, no, failed to jump and crashed, burned and dragged the jumps along. He's always had a problem with dropping his feet or tail on the broad jump, tonight was a testament to how clumsy he really is. Thankfully the next 4 passes were awesome-learned his lesson? Nah.

Later gators....

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Frink Lemur said...

Glrgh. Raccoons are vile. Just reading on the diseases they harbor and parasites they can transmit is enough to make one feel faint.