Monday, May 2, 2011

Road trip--eagle cam!

As the sign says, ICE CAVE. Not much else to tell.

Other then I mentioned that it seems I'm bringing up the rear on this trip and they bent over to give me a great butt shot. Smart a$$.

Long stairway, pre-OSHA.

Though OSHA did post this, just as the Ms was running down the hill side off trail.

They only went in a short way. This is where I stopped-can't do caves.

And now the Trout Hatchery. The photos of the fish aren't the best but this place is cool. Ms fed the fish and I know was plotting how to smuggle one home for our creek.

This dudes are the oldies. The far west side of the hatchery has a long open tank where they have huge old fish.

Open ponds that they put fish in to grow out. Two are empty, the third is full.
I asked for nice posed shot. I got them punching each other. I swear, this is why I don't go places with these two. Upper part of the photo is the Eagle's Nest.
Close up. And for those that have been watching the Eagle Cam, yes they have been, um, bringing unusual kill for their chicks. Seems the farm behind the nest lost lots of barn cats last year.

Almost home. A recent lecture I went to talked about taking the road less traveled. Make time for photo ops on those side trips. So here we are, almost home, in Strawberry Point.
So what did you do this weekend?

Later gators...

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