Monday, May 2, 2011

Road trip - part deux

And now to Dunning's Springs. The Ms had commented she never remembered going there before, though we adults disagreed. Guess she was tiny the last time we went. So off we go....

A natural spring that is just across the Upper Iowa River from downtown Decorah. In year's past we've visited when there was no walk ways and it was safe to walk across, even right at the top. Then there was the year we went up and it was like a geyser coming out of the rocks. Sometimes the fog is grea and it's a great back drop for photos. Prom was Saturday night so we ran into some finely dressed folks.

Did I mention the new steps? Well not new, but 20 yrs ago with my first visit, it was hike at your own risk.

The origin of the spring.

Photo op!

And looking up from the plat form.

And yes, the site of the infamous Dunning Spring's walk about, aka plunge. It's damn cold water!

Did I mention the stairs?

See, stairs and proof I was there-see my foot.

Few wild flowers in bloom along the trail.

Almost at the bottom. Somewhere along this stretch, I lost the Ms and Hubby as they detoured off the steps and into the woods. She then turned and ditched her dad to a giggle of delight.

Reinacting the Incident. Funny, ha ha.

Goodness that kid's getting tall.

I hate getting my photo taken but the camera got wrestled away from me. Yes, I was at Dunning's Springs and didn't fall in this time.

Next stop, Ice Cave....

Later gators....

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