Monday, May 2, 2011

Road Trip! part 1

WARNING--I had the camera handy for change and I used it!

Saturday was our annual roap trip to Decorah, IA. We are actually a couple weeks early in going, other wise it would have been the end of May and the garden would be way behind by then.

Decorah is the home of Luther College, Decorah Hatchery, Dunning Springs, Trout Hatchery, the now infamous Eagle's Nest and SSE--aka Seed Savers Exchange.

We'll start our trip out at SSE. We get all our garden plants here each year. I almost came home with a new apple tree too!

After SSE, we saw a sign for a new garden center west of town so of course, we had to go and look. Didn't buy anything but it's going to be a place to stop back anytime we are in town. I think the name is Pinter's and it's about 4 miles west on Hwy 9.

And of course after shopping at Oneota Coop, we walked down the block for a great photo op at the Decorah Hatchery. Like my "quality chicks"? heehee

Part 2-Dunning Springs...

Later gators...


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