Monday, April 25, 2011

Best laid plans...

I had plans. Sleep in. Poultry yard renovations. Tack room wall construction. Clean garage. Go to Sunrise Services. Eat too much chocolate. Only the last item on my list was successfully completed.

My children had other plans and conspired against the first item on that lovely list. They now know how to enter their own dogs in shows!

Alec had plans to go to the Waterloo show to handle for Rebecca, show the boxer, take in a couple GSP's. Friday as I come home from work, there's a poofy Fred in the kitchen, pouting. Yeah, Alec entered Fred in veterans for the weekend, then in juniors for his sister, then entered Charlie too. Which means,after looking at the schedule, I had to find clean show clothes and tell Hubby, you are on your own. Fred was a walking cotton ball-he's decided to blow coat which means he's super fluffy and nothing you can do about it. Walt was bathed for the match and I was told I needed to wash my dog. Seriously folks, why do I wash my dog when I wasn't the one who entered him????

So cross off sleeping in. Poultry yard, that's tonight. Tack room wall-David has most of it done! Clean garage, next weekend. Sunrise services-we were up and gone before anyone even thought of holding them. Eat too much chocolate--Rebecca had a HUGE basket full of chocolate, snickers, kisses, and starburst. I ate my fair share then the bunny provided more on Sunday.

I'm not griping though--we had a blast! Meredith and Alec did a great job with the rough collies for Rebecca. Alec's girl, Ella, took BOS both days. Alec has shown her for most of her grand championship points, finished her GRCH on Sunday with BOS. She's a gorgeous little tri bitch that shows her heart out for him and produces even better. Meredith showed the WB on Saturday and WD on Sunday in breed. Jerod the old man, took BOV both days with Group 3 and Group 2, respectively. I got to show Ritz on Sunday to BOW.

Let's see, Oh cardigans, yeah. Charlie has two more points with WD/BOW on Saturday and best puppy. WD on Sunday. Fred was best Veteran and select dog both days. The Ms and he took 4th and 2nd in juniors, though Fred didn't look pleased to be there. Something about contracts, retirement, pension? I couldn't really understand him and told him to talk to the kid that paid the entry fee. The funny of Sunday was that the other class dog is also a puppy and way too happy. Seriously too happy. Lisa Bettis was handling him and when she tried to pick him up for the table, he bounced, attempted to jump and proceeded to hit his head on the bottom of the table. It left the judge, Lisa and most of us ringside laughing. Second attempt was much better but we were all still giggling.

Alec had a handful with GSP's-squirrelly dogs especially with the weather. Actually all the dogs were squirrelly. I was frozen. Unheated building, supposed to be sunny and I think someone needs to fire the weather guys. Holy cow, my feet were aching they were so cold. Meredith and Rebecca retreated to the RV with two space heaters and the furnace running, Stargate marathon, milk and naps.

Meredith helped show canaan dogs. Alec also showed PBGV's, vislas, and boxers. I ended up with a very bouncing SFT with mommyitis. Non-stop, go go go all weekend. But we had loads of fun! Now I have confirmed with my children that they have not entered their own dogs for anything coming up! I of course handed a large sum to Onofrio at the show for an upcoming show. Ouch. Next weekend is definately a stay home weekend. I swear! Okay, not stay at home, but no dog shows. Okay, somewhat dog show related, Alec has a road trip planned.....just wait to see what he brings home!

Hoping everyone had a very blessed Easter and remembers it's not the bunny that brought you the day, but the Savior.

Later gators....

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Ashley said...

Wow, busy weekend indeed! That always happens when you DON'T want anything going on. I can't wait for this weekend when we are doing NOTHING for the first time in like a month. *sigh* One of these days I'll have the time to get back on track and do some more blogging...still have pics of Walt and Reese to put on here!