Thursday, April 14, 2011

old horses and injured ducks

As most will notice, last week was, well, difficult. And you don't know the half of it. I'm dealing with "kids", that so makes me feel old, that it seems the parents didn't teach them about honoring committments. Okay, so not "kids", young adults? I use that term loosely. I mean seriously, young single and the world is ending. I won't go futher, I vented to Dawn about it and I still shake my head, but what is done, is done.

We have started the yearly ritual of the rain rot on my old man, Mooman, aka big fat cow, aka Hardy. He's 31 this year, acts like he's in his 20's but the body ain't what it used to be. He can eat grass but not hay, not enough grinding molars left. He's on pelleted feed anyway because a few years ago he developed choke. Now we add in timothy/alfalfa pellets. And as the weather warms up, it's the scramble to get all his old winter coat off before he gets wet and the rain rot starts in. But other then that, he's a royal pain in the ass. He comes out of the pasture to the front yard to eat grass, get his rations and harass the dogs. Boy does he love nothing more then coming up to the windows in the house and getting them all barking.

Pip, the oldest ancona hen, had a run in with the EBD 2 weeks ago. The ducks are known to walk right along the dog fence, totally ignoring the barking, snapping jaws of the predators known as the dogs. EBD had enough the other day and as we were talking standing by the slider door to the back yard, a very strong wind sent feathers floating into the yard. Too many feathers and by the time our brains clicked, EBD had pulled Pip 1/2 way through the fence. A quick-DROP IT! and the Ms ran to the duck yard to see what was left of her beloved Pip. She's got a huge gash in her chest, and no movement in her left leg, just flopping on the ground. Talk about heartbreak for the kid. But we did want to give the hen a chance and got an ICU set up in the Chateau. The plan was to take it a day at a time.

Okay, it's just a duck. And actually the Ms is very adult about this-it's a duck, she's old and this happens. I am happy to report that the "Mom, we have a problem" comment made to me on the basement stairs this morning, was a good problem. Pip survived the attack, made it through 2 weeks of ICU care and was not in her pen this morning but in with the chicks. Kind of walking, more of balancing act. She hates the chicks-hisses at them. Now to rehab! Once dear hubby returns home, we will be revamping the poultry yard-new runs to seperate the ducks and drakes, area for the chicks until the Chick Chalet gets moved in and a special spot for Pip.

Do you think TV's ready for a soap opera based on the daily chaos of our farm?

Later gators...

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