Thursday, April 14, 2011

crossing guard

So today on the way to work, I'm tooling through a pretty little neighborhood. Actually growing up it was considered the back way into town. David grew up here. It's full of trees, deer, meandering creeks and turkey crossing guards.

Up the big hill almost to Mt Vernon Road, there is an entire line of cars...stopped. Up ahead I see turkeys. Lots of turkeys.

Iowa at one point had to import wild turkeys because our population was decimated by hunting and urban sprawl. It took a long time for turkeys to reestablish themselves but now, they are every where! Routinely one jogs along side of the truck just down our road. They come up to the edge of our field, play their mating games in the pasture and as noted above, cause major traffic problems.

Now a few birds cross the road, a few cars move on. The best part? The jake who is all fanned out and strutting his stuff---for the white mini van going the other direction. He's the one holding up traffic and allowing the rest to cross. Now either he's new to the cross guard job and didn't find the clearly marked crossing lines(heehee) or he really and truly is in love with the mini van. As I drive past the mini van driver is doubled over her steering wheel laughing. It was all I could do to keep a straight face.

Wonder how long she sat there and if her boss will accept the excuse that she was late for work because a turkey was playing crossing guard?

Later gators...

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Dawn said...

I just love wildlife. Last summer 2 turkeys walked up the middle of our street and I live smack dab in the middle if Minneapolis. Funny birds