Friday, April 15, 2011

It's Friday, right? Seems like Monday

I think I'm having my own personal ground hog day. Reliving a Monday from the past. I woke up to a renewed joy of it being Friday, last work day, last school day, sleep in tomorrow, hubby home tomorrow, yada yada yada.

And then I let the dogs out.

Let's see, took my shower.

Went to front door, called dogs in.

Hum, what's Fred been doing? Oh no, he's been eating road apples left by Moo in the front yard and brought one in.

---side note, I teach all my dogs, I think all dog owners need to teach these, commands. Know their name, come when called, down, drop it and LEAVE IT!

Fred, drop it.

---side note, I do not have my contacts in yet and am totally blind-shapes, light and enough to not kill myself as I wander through the house.

So I bend down within 4 inches of the dropped object....


It's a duck head.

Of course here's where we insert an episode of CSI or Criminal Minds or flashes of the Godfather and the horse head.

So the side door on Chateau Quack/Chick Chalet has blown open during the night due to the gale force winds we are dealing with. My best guess is that a rogue or should that be stupid Cayuga flew the coop, and like the turkey fiasco of 2009, landed in the middle of the dogs that were out this morning.

I yelled for all hands on deck, got the head picked up and in the trash, contacts in, jeans on, towel on wet hair and all three of us went to inspect. Sorry, Alec, woke him out of a dead sleep. Anyway, it's either the duck that flew the coop or a yet to be named large dog with a skinny ass butt that leaned over the partition and took his pick. Chicks are all accounted for. Pip is still in the ICU and doing well. The rest of the gang is in a panic and as soon as the door to the pen was opene, fled the scene. Duck body removed from yard. Door to Chateau/Chalet secured. Back inside to try to salvage my hair, find my clothes and get to work. Bury the duck later, I might even fish it's head out of the trash and make sure it's buried with it's body.

Then I get to work, late. 4th floor, almost 5th floor parking. I hate stairs. And seems Walt wanted to make sure that Ashley and Ryan didn't forget about his time with them and chewed a hole throught the carpet and pad,under his crate. Road trip weekend to get the home wrecker back.

Insert the music from the Wizard of Oz where Dorthy and Toto are being sucked into the tornado, witch riding around on her bike.

Oh did I mention it's supposed to rain today? 1-2". It's cold-40 degrees. Seriously, is it Monday yet?

Later gators...


Ashley said...

Wow - you were right! This is a zinger! I'll take a patch-able hole in the carpet over stumbling blindly onto a dead duck head first thing in the morning! hahaha Thanks for posting this...really puts my crazy world into perspective a bit. Really makes me hope we can orchestrate our own furry circus sometime soon on our own farm. ;-] That homewrecker, for the record, easily has the most heart-melting expressions when he figures out he did something bad. Can't ever stay mad long!

Btw...don't think he'll be getting a bath before he comes home. It's been so yucky (and will continue to be so for a while yet), it has been futile to try and keep them clean lately.

Cindy said...

Thanks for watching him for us! Can't wait to get him home and see what Charlie has to say about his siamese twin returning. rePete will be happy to have a little break in the babysitting.

Ah yes, circus it is. But I wouldn't have it any other way!

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh. What a drive. Tell Alec I'm really sorry again that we were late. I got us lost, the traffic was horrible in town cuz of the weather, and the wind was just despicable.

Can't wait to hear how Walt melds back into your pack! And, glad I remembered to grab the rabies cert, found the red lead, but then forgot to give you the food bag! lol It's in the back of my car still. Oh well! Someday!