Wednesday, April 20, 2011

1 down, 9, er, 10 to go

I've already gotten to the countdown to the end and I've only just begun.

4-H obedience classes started last night. I've been teaching them for about 10 years now-seems like a lot less. Our county offers obedience(prenovice, novice, grad novice and open)showmanship, agility(on and off leash) and brought back again by popular demand, herding. I want to do rally but just not enough hours in the day.

Lucky for us, we have a great building to use, once the RV storage season is over. A full set of AKC regulation agility equipment. And lots and lots of kids. 40 so far with a few that didn't make the first night. 4 kids run two or more dogs.

And last night was the first night of controlled chaos. I lost my voice, froze my fingers but otherwise, had a great group of kids tha returned from last year and few new ones. And I'm only starting the countdown to the end because the closer we are to the end the better the dogs get!

My favorite Aubie was back and very happy to see me. So was Timber who is no longer a puppy and has the curliest coat that I have ever seen on a BC. And the kids, so many of the I've worked with over the years and are growing up right before my eyes.

Fred got dusted off to come and play demo dog. So did Lace until her alter ego of EBD came out and I sent her to a time out in the truck. She claims her sitter and stayer is broke. Told her I would be sure to work on fixing that. Moose was well Moose. His official handler for the summer the Ms, had him working like a pro. Fair will be over be for we both know it and he'll be heading off to new adventures with someone else.

It rained. The wind blew. Hail came down. It was colder then you know what. But we made it and I saw lots of smiles by the end of the night.

Later gator....

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