Monday, March 21, 2011

where did the weekend go?

I swear, I loose more time during weekends. I mean it's like they never exisited. All the plans and all that I have to show for 48 hours is laundry and a few loaves of bread. No paperwork filed, budgets updated, mail opened and gone through. No duck pens moved, no nails dremeled, nothing, nada, zilch.

I would gather that none of my devoted readers ever have this happen?

What did get done besides the laundry and bread baking? Drive! Marg is now living in IL near Chicago and we spent most of the day delivering her to her new home on Saturday. She's retired to a....retirement community! Pat's got a wonderful patio apartment so Ms Marg can sit and watcht the comings and goings of the community, bark at the birds and meet-n-greet the other dogs and visitors. Early reports coming in are that it's a perfect match.

David dug into the garden some, clearing the weeds from the vine area, removing the stakes and cutting his hand open. I have the list of seeds that we will start as soon as they arrive. Tomatos are already 5" high and due to be transplanted this week. Cold weather crops first, then the vines and then who knows what!

We had thunderstorms yesterday. A first for Charlie. He was a little concerned so his partner in crime spent her time distracting him with a wrestling match that went from the kitchen to the dining room to living room and back again. Dogs are out in shifts to the hay field since the back yard is partially flooded as the duck pond is overflowing. Big project for this spring is tiling the back yard and removing all the grass, opting for gravel and wood chips. I'm sick of muddy dogs!

And with that, I've lost another weekend. I figure that the week nights will be busy catching up as I know that I won't have time for stuff on the weekend, again.

Later gators....


Anonymous said...

I lost mine to dog training, no laundry, garden or house chores got done at all. Of course dog training is much more fun than those other things.

Cindy said...

Oh I so agree-dog training anytime! I wish it had not been raining so much as I had some tracking plans as well as outside obedience training!

Sharrie said...

You just have to decide to get "something" done. If you look at it that way, you got lots done this last weekend.

Cindy said...

Good point! I actually did get lots done, just not what I planned. Thanks!!!

Ashley said...

And here it begins...the black hole of "to-do's" that come with the good weather...yet never seem to get done on time or when we want to do them! At least it IS spring now and we CAN do this stuff! I like the backyard idea! That'll make life so much easier for you!