Tuesday, March 22, 2011


A while ago I received a phone call from JoAnne out in Ohio concerning recent developments in PRA tests or lack thereof or out right lying done by another breeder that affected most of her dogs as well as our Eddie. First off I can't thank her enough for being honest, forth right and making sure she contacted all who she had puppies with about this issue.

Secondly, it's a sad state in today's world when so called responsible breeders aren't taking responsiblity for the dogs they produce by failing to contact people and let them know about health issues that have cropped up in their lines. I mean seriously, if you have a dog with a health issue-cancer, PRA, seizures, etc, wouldn't it be in your best interest to let those people know that their dog might be affected by that health issue? Sad when an ego gets in the way of the best interest of an animal.

SO..... we sent for Eddie's PRA and Fluff test(now, no giggling there).

I AM OVER THE HILL!!!!!!!!!!!! Ch Beasak's Fogy Botm Uncle Fester RN aka The Blue Bear aka Dum-Dum aka World's Muddiest Puppy is CLEAR!!!!!!
Now to confirm his fluffiness-it was cheap to do it in addition to the PRA test. We'll set the world straight for once on that aspect of his handsomeness. Now with his CERF scheduled for this weekend, and waiting on his OFA results(I heard they are up to 4 weeks behind, so any day now), he'll qualify for his CHIC.

Okay, here's a better photo of him:)
No, wait, how about this one? And who the heck is that cute kid hidden behind the dog? FYI-she's 5'5" now and growing, again.
I can safely exhale now.

Later gators...


Ashley said...

Yay!!! Great news for the silly blue boy! Give him a big hug for me. ;-)

Lani said...

Good news, Cindy! And I love the trio of pictures, though it's a good thing Eddie can't view the blog, as he might not forgive you for the muddy picture. Then again, he might be really proud of it, too...

Sherilyn said...

YAY!!!! :)

Frink Lemur said...

I wonder if the non-dwarfed dogs can sling their coats around more (when they shake off) to effectively to rid them of mud than the dwarfed corgis and such. Hooray for being clear!