Friday, March 18, 2011

no talk, all the time

Have people gotten so rude(or is it self-centered) these days that simple communication is out of the picture? I'm not saying where I'm going - none of your business, then they b***h about not being able to get majors on their dogs? Or the lovely little tale of I'm out of money and can't go to any more shows, then they show up? Or spend tons of money going to specialties or big breed events to show--when you know it's not the quality of dog they have but it's I'm here and look at me. I'm so sick of having to deal with those people. Ask and I tell, most who read the blog know where we are going, which after the next show, is no where. Okay, well, going but doing obedience not conformation.

Sorry boys and girls, needed to vent after a long week. I hate sitting here in my windowless office, while the Ms and her gang are enjoying spring break with trips to the creek, long walks and laying out in the sunshine. To be a child again, sigh.

That being said-no majors at the CIKC show-one dog short and many girls short. I know that there aren't many girls out in our area right now, at least not the 12 needed for a major, but I know there are enough dogs to make majors out there. Funny, in our region we seem to be getting bigger entries for specials then class dogs and bitchs. To which that means rePete will stay home. One less dog to take and groom because.... OMG note-we'll still be busy that weekend showing. Rough collies are gearing up for their National Specialty with 29 Saturday and 35 on Sunday. It's all hands on deck to show dogs for Rebecca! I know I've got 2 or 3 class dogs, 3-4 class bitches and a special to handle. And yes, though I said many moons ago I don't do hair, I will be helping with grooming. I learned some awesome tricks last weekend, watch out Clairee, I'm going to practice on you!!!

Let's see, oh, a fond fairwell to our beloved Margie. She's off to heaven as an only dog for a lovely retired gal. Road tripping her this weekend to her new home and I'm so happy to have found this special person for her to retire with. I'll try to post a photo of her and her new person when we get back.

And last but not leaast, just for Shelley---I turned off the furnace and opened the windows last night. It was the most pleasant nights sleep I'd had in ages. I hear it's about 20 degrees up north right now!

Later gators...

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