Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hide it under a bushel, NO!

You ask me, I'll tell ya. Do I hide or keep secret events here? Nope. Do I stretch the truth? Nada.

Eddie's Vetgen coat length came back. And it was a no brainer but man there are times I'd love to have gotten different results.

He's a fluff. Tried and true.

He's also a finished champion with multiple 4pt major wins,
Reading with Dogs participant,
a certain junior handler's best friend,
and soon to be sire of his first litter.

Coat is cosmetic. Its a simple recessive. Much worse to worry about and considering what he's done with his lovely coat, could be and are more pressing matters to worry about. Personally, many a fluff I've put in pet homes rather then keep and show. But it's what's underneath that counts and boy, does his underneath count for a lot.

Love ya, blue bear.

Later gators...


Garrett808 said...

Well I have Daisy and she is a fluff. Probably my nicest bitch in my house. I guess if people are serious about making improvements in the breed, and have the room, and the fluff is the nicest pup, heck keep it!

It is cosmetic, Daisy has her CHIC and has all tests passed. I see no issue with this. Then again I have been known to do things a little differently than most :)

Good for Eddie!

Cindy said...

Over the years, we've just had some many differing opinions on his coat, it was time to get it in writing. Doesn't change my opinion of him in the least, nor my plans for him. Waiting on one more test back for him!

Builder Mama said...

Nick is a fluff...and he is the sweetest, funniest boy. I have my own hair issues (curly hair with a mind of its own) so it's not like I can judge!

Ashley said...

What's a little fluff in the way of a great personality. ;-] I've heard this in MY OWN life before! lol

[side note: my word verification says "nocindi" hahahaha]

Elizabeth said...

I love this! The irony! Go Eddie!

Sherilyn said...

Yup, that boy is fabulous under all that hair, even though he's a little obsessed about certain people. hehe ;) Cheers to some nice puppies from Edweirdo and Little Shit!

Dawn said...

I love Eddie too. I also have no issue with using a fluff for breeding. What worries me is what the pups will be like when the parents are edweirdo and the little shit. LOL!

Frink Lemur said...

I'm so much more of a landrace enthusiast / ability over appearance type, so no worries, Go Eddie!