Wednesday, March 30, 2011

photo op

WARNING: Photo heavy The assorted new residents at Foggy Bottom. About 1/2 are destined for the freezer by mid summer. The rest will be interesting to watch grow.

This one's got green feet.

This one's got feathers on it's feet already-we have three like that.

And last but not least... Junior. This is the Ms' favorite. He sits in her hand and loves to be carried around. Eghads, a pet chicken is all I need.

If anyone can tell me what breeds some of these are, would love it!

Later gators.... C


Dawn said...

Right now I am so jealous of you and Garrett. I have wanted a chicken for years, but its the one thing my hubby says NO to. Enjoy the babies.

Taryn said...

My sister got baby chickens one year. Her daughters promptly made pets out of them, to the point that she actually had to take one to the vet when a fox took a big bite out of it's leg. The vet was highly amused that someone would pay good money to fix a chicken and not just eat the silly thing! That was one lucky and expensive chicken!

Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Taryn that is funny...kind of a Wilbur of Charlotte's Web chicken! Cindy, enjoy those chickens. My brother loved his chickens and can't wait to get back into the chicken world.