Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Where do I start?

I'm not sure where to start. Old dogs? Water? Chickens? Temperatures?

Participated in the 1st annual Ag Day with Hills Bank here in Cedar Rapids. It was a blast! Vicki and Sharon did a great job, as well as the rest of the employees in attendance. We took 6 ducks-Mr & Mrs Aflac, two runners, 1 cayuga and 1 ancona. Kids got to watch and pet them. Moose and Charlie went along too and had a great time socializing with everyone.

On the way home, we got hitchhikers, in the form of about 50 mixed chicks. Which are now residing in the study as it's too damn cold outside! Clarify, chicks are not outside, but the brooder in the garage still can't keep them warm enough. Mostly broilers, a few rhode island reds and some really funky breeds. 3 have varies stages of feathers on their feet. Some really cool marked ones and three with green feet? Should be fun. I see chicken in the freezer, lots of eggs and some neat rare breeds for the Ms to show at fair. And yes, she's already working on hand taming the off breeds for the show ring!

Old dogs. Alec spent the weekend showing collies with Rebecca. Judges-don't get me started but that's why I didn't enter cardigans this weekend. Anyway, on their down time, they were talking old dogs, in particular Rosie Tosie. Rebecca showed her way back when as well as a few of her offspring. Still remembers her and really liked her at the time. Alec's headed out to a few long distance trips with Rebecca later this spring and summer, so one of two of the cardigans will be going with him--I'll post where and when so I can make sure that those who show out there know to count us in. He also took Little Shit and Blue Bear for eye checks. Perfect angels, which he's so amazed at. They put on their halos straight when they need too. Dr Betts proclaimed them in perfect health and sight.

Old dogs-more. Clairee is deaf. Left side, full. Right side, selective. She's also a prone to some wandering and snooping and ignoring. Walkabout is not unheard of nowadays. Thank GOD for training for handsignals, though a few times lately we've gotten the" huh?" look.

Let's see, covered the old dogs, temperature, chickens, oh that's right-water.

The Ms heads downstairs yesterday morning and comes back up with a "dad, my sock's wet" comment. 1-2" of water in the basement. Flow switch on sump pump is bad. Thank GOD for lifetime warranties on pumps. New one already installed. Spent an unscheduled day off mucking out water, bleaching, cleaning(yes the basement did need a through cleaning), trips to finally take the Goodwill pile to the store. Rearranging what at times, seemed like a ship going down. No not really. Thankfully our basement isn't finished. Most of the storage items are in plastic totes, no boxes. Furniture up on blocks,etc. But there was the wet laundry, old furniture that is now headed outta here, dead dryer, and assorted crap that we just shoved here to take care of later. Well, later is now.

We did rearrange the dog crates so that it's a little more organized when we have to run for cover when the sirens go off. That in turn totally threw Click for a loop as she's so highly pattern trained that moving her crate, created a scene we were all anticipating during the day. So she runs down the stairs, straight for her "crate". It's now a large empty space. She stops. Confused, spins, looks up at Alec as in "huh?" Spins. Looks for her crate, turns and has to be picked up and placed in her crate in it's new location. It'll take her weeks to figure out the new set up. Once in her crate, she's fine, it's the getting there that's confusing.

So now, back to work. End of the month. Meetings every night. Wash dogs for show. Pack for show. Get psyched to help Rebecca show some 20 collies! Oh and did I mention Little Shit is in season, finally?

Later gators...

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