Monday, February 21, 2011

God bless her pointy little head

Ashley loves that expression when I talk about Peterman. But it's true. She's got a pointy little head and I wonder if there's anything in there at times. Can't help but love her though. She's reliable, predictable, hangs over the arms of the furniture, perpetual pig pen and never met a person she didn't like(well one but I agree with her on that one).

Weekend at the dog show. Man, I haven't been to a good show in, what, 6 mos or so? Yes I went to one, but honestly, should have saved my money and time on that one, so it doesn't count. I'll have pictures to post from various people in a couple of days-Rhonda took some of Pete in the cardigan ring and Shelley has a couple special photos of a red bearded young man and his new toy in the group ring.

Pete was BOW/WB for 2 pts on Saturday and WB for one on Sunday. Granted she just needs majors but knowing Pete as I do, we showed anyway and could have gotten a major on Saturday but one of the specials was absent. And after having a horrible last show, she needed a trial run before we hit the spring shows in search of those damn majors. She moved out like a dream, her expression is getting more consistent and she's blowing coat-which is good as she keeps so much that it makes her look fat.

Funny part was three different people thought I was pulling Marg out of the crate when I went to start grooming Pete this weekend. That's a good thing for the pointy little headed girl! Looking more and more like Auntie as she matures is a good thing.

Let's see--oh Ashley and Ryan aka the Fur-herd, came and kidnapped Walt for awhile. He seriously needed an operation to unattach him from his siamese twin brother, Charlie. He's now harassing Reece and the cats. Can't wait to hear more about his adventures in suburbia.

Tango got to go and play at the Pom specialty on Friday. She's such a hoot. Hates to show-you can see her going "bite me" to the Ms as she goes around the ring. It's so funny. Best Junior(she's the only one ever there) and 2nd in her veteran bitch class--only two there. She was tired by then and was like-I'm not walking, you can't make me, well okay, but I'm not going to look like I'm enjoying it. The rest of the weekend the Blond Bombshell sat on laps, got passed around and lots of pets and hugs and kisses. Everyone knows her and loves that she's going strong at 8 1/2.

What else, what else? Oh Shelley came down with Chipper. The three boys and their dad didn't get to pose for photos but it was hard not to tell that they are all related-first key-they all bark the same! It will be fun to do a stud dog class with them and then to see a judge do a double take in the breed ring with Dad. It was great to chit chat and talk all weekend.

The Ms made a new friend, Paige, who has a little doodlebug pemmie that she is just starting to show in juniors. She also helped out with a few other dogs during the weekend. Alec's boxer had a melt down on Saturday. As Alec put it, he was totally humbled by Dill. But Sunday, the expression was-I could do backflips right now! Dill figured out it's not so bad after all. No points but he's getting it. Lots of help from the boxer people as I know nothing about grooming one of those. Onward and upward from here.

Rain and rain and wind and wind on the way home. We had to stay till the last group so Alec could show his new play toy. Okay it's not his yet, few little wrinkles to iron out before it comes home, but there's no doubt the connection those two have. His breeder/handler even said Alec makes this dog look ten times better then she ever did--and she had him at #9 in the breed last year! More later when I get photos from Shelley--keep guessing as to what it is!

Well, now to Monday, work and ugh, end of the month. Yes it's that time, February is almost gone! More later as I get photos and some godo tidbits from the weekend.

Later gators...

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Ashley said...

Was a great weekend and it was good to see you guys. =) I posted on the blog tons of pictures and some'll have to check them out!