Monday, February 21, 2011

More on the weekend...

Shelley graciously sent me a few photos before she left this morning to attempt to get back home, which is north of the Cities, right through the middle of the blizzard.
The lighting in this building is horrible, especially when the weather is nice. Please pardon the glare.
Ms and her little black dog, Merlot. The one single moment when that dog stood still! Merlot is in constant motion. Gaiting is fine, standing, stacking and paying attention-not so good. Though she is an awesome table dog.

This is Sulley, Merlot's sire and BOB out of the veteran class on Sunday.
And why we had to stay till the end of the show on Sunday.....Still working out details on this but isn't it just the prettiest picture? That dog loves Alec and he's kind of smitten too.
Later gators...

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