Tuesday, January 25, 2011


David pops his head in the door last night while doing chores. He's wearing a very warn out barn coat and that damn hat.

Hat--military surplus green puke colored khaki thing. Used to have Russian military insignia buttons on it. Used to, dogs got ahold of it a couple weeks ago and took off the buttons, ate the ear flap snaps and peed on it. That's pretty much what all of us think of the ridiculus thing. But it keep his head warm. It's also got the Elmer Fudd ear flaps on it. I just forbid him from wearing it in public.

Anyway, head pops in door to grab a different flash light. "fire in the water trough"

Huh??? I must have looked at him with a "whatyoutalkin' bout" face.

"Water Trough"
"Gotta Go"


So I go get my shoes on, find my coat--totally in no hurry as I just can't get the thought process moving with those three words. Go to the kitchen sink, get the fire extinguisher though still not sure why I need it for a fire in a water trough, and walk out to the barn.

No fire.

SOOOOO......I guess one of the dogs had unplugged the water heater in the water trough earlier in the day. The horses drank down the water, but the heater(a floating one) was caught in some ice and was hanging slightly above the now lower water level. Large horse that drags hay to into the water trough, had left it's usual mouthful, which is now resting on the heating elements of the heater-not plugged in yet.

David noticed the ice, saw the cord unplugged, plugged in and went about his business. Short time later, 4' flames spewing out of the water trough from the hay sitting on the now hot heating element in the water tank. IE---Fire in the Water Trough.

I'm still giggling. New water heater purchased today. New, larger fire extinguisher for barn, also purchased. Reminder to self to make sure he checks the water level before plugging it in next time.

Later gators...

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