Monday, January 24, 2011


Thanks dear, I love it. Grumble, cough, hack, sniffle, it's a lovely gift, even if I gave it to you first. Yes folks, the cold, it has been regifted to me from David. Oh joy. I hate being sick.

Skipped the show this weekend. No majors, there's another grumble. Love it when people complain about the lack of communication, and when it's so close, no one peeps up. And that would be why I really don't care anymore to say what our plans are. If you see me, oh joy, not then oh well, catch next time around. It's the cold, sorry folks. But it was okay, the weather was too damn cold to do anything other then errands this weekend, oh and have visitors to meet the dogs. Someone fell in love with Eddie. Sherilyn is shaking her head over in DM wondering if that person is a little off, just like me :) heehee, gotta be a little off kilter to love Edweirdo.

Sunday, Meredith, Moose, Luna and I roadtripped it to Il to deliver Luna to her new home with Ron and Marsha. Cold. Cold. Did I mention it was cold? Got to meet Frankie, their blue cardigan who is just a bundle of energy and happy. Luna didn't mind him at all and he's sooo happy to have someone to play with. I've been promised loads of photos, so will post those as soon as I get them.

Rio got his first taste of freedom since he's been at our place. David was sooooo impressed. He figured with all the squirellness that Rio has, trimming his hoof with the quarter cracks would be a bear-nope. Perfect angel, stood there like a statue, not a flinch, nothing. David said it was a joy to work with him. So he went out in the pasture, played tag with Torey and looked at the barn as though it held an evil demon. Moo's now in his stall and well, not that happy, though it's bigger then where he was.

Was going to try to watch Eukanuba, but the Packers and Bears won out, sort of. I knew how the "movie" ended with Euk anyway. At the start of the 2nd quarter, I went in and took a nap with Moose. Damn cold. I got nothing else done except dinner.

Did I mention that I'm going to figure out how to regift my regifted cold?

Later gators...


Ashley said...

Awww...I love Eddie too. So, I guess that makes me a weirdo too! lol I can't deny it! Sounds like you had a heck of a weekend despite the cold. Hope you get to feeling better fast!

Sherilyn said...

LOL Cindy! Eddie is definitely a strange one...thought he was semi-normal until we tried Rally at Nationals. hehe When he looks at you with those googly blue eyes, it's just a little creepy. ;) He's a sweetheart, just a little weird...he takes after his Daddy. Picasso does the same thing to me at the dog shows! Silly boys!