Monday, January 17, 2011


It's always nice to take a long drive with the kids. The Ms in the back seat with her headphones on(still wondering where her Fearless cd is) and Alec up front co-piloting. We talked about dogs, shows and school. On the school front, though he is finishing up his agribusiness degree, he's looking at what the future holds. He really wants to get into farming full time-lots of options available for him in the direction he wants to go but in the meantime he's going to start working part-time for my cousin this spring, maybe pick up an extra job with a local forage contractor and then....seriously thinking about going back to school to get his German degree. One thing we wished he would have done in the beginning as that really is one of his niches. He then is thinking about working for an agribusiness company overseas or even taking a job as an ESL teacher in the community college.

So the long drive, not that long but fun to take the 3 amigos, aka Charlie, Luna and Walt, oh and Dill to a fun match. And fun it was. Dill had a melt down and little momitis, so new strategy with him. Alec turned about as red as his beard when they were in the ring. Charlie had Kerri giggling ring side because he's soooo happy in the ring that he wags his tail so hard that his bum bounces as he moves. Luna-I swear the look she gave me was one of sheer evil. The Ms had her out in the ring, I was watching. I know she was telling me that I needed to watch my slippers when I got home as she was planning on shredding them. And Walt, shadows of his grandpa. He said the only way you will get to look at my teeth is if I am upside down on the table and that you scratch my tummy afterwards. This time Alec was redder then his beard. Charlie ended up with a puppy group 2--not to shabby for the baby. What was even more fun was Kerri and her boy Michael who had a bad experience at a recent show. Moose was ever the gentleman and played nice and encouraging with him. Maybe that helped, cause they went on to BIM!!! Way to go Kerri!!!! Ms is working with Peterman right now as her new back up juniors dog. With Merlot possibly heading to the whelping box later this spring, she opted for Pete. Not too bad first time out, though they need to work out their signals and stuff, but Pete could have cared less, all she wanted was cheese!

Add to the weekend that David is still sick. When he gets sick, he's sick. No ifs, ands or buts about it. So we spent a nice quiet afternoon watching movies with what looked like mass murder on the floor--dogs sleeping on ever lap, every dog bed, blanket and in ever uncomfortable position you can imagine.

One more update! Ms Luna is headed to her new home in a week or two. She will be joining Frankie the blue cardigan in IL and spend lots of time camping during the summer with her new family.

Snowing, freezing rain and blowing snow, at least it was a scheduled inservice day for the Ms. Can't wait for the drive home!

Later gators....


Lani said...

Glad to hear the fun match went so well! Hope to see you & the Cardis soon.

Anonymous said...

I thought maybe Ron was getting a puppy from Foggybottom. They were interested in our Fluffy girl Mandy but other arrangements have been made for her. Seems like a great home.

k9 said...

it is good to hear that you had fun. also love going for long drives.
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