Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A funny thing happened on the way to the bank

Ever feel like you live in a sitcom? Most of the time I do really live in one. Not a reality show, heavens, nothing is plotted out or played right in my life. No, things just happen and many times you can hear the laugh track at the funny parts.

So on my way to the bank today. Hadn't been there since oh Monday. The gals in the downtown branch are super nice and of course, the "what's new?" line comes up a lot. Today I discussed weekend plans. I or should I say, the Ms has to take her ducks to the next county for blood testing so she can show them at fair. That means sorting ducks, shoving them in vari kennels, into the tahoe and off to the fair grounds. It gets so much more adventureous then that. But I digress. Our conversation then continued about the dogs recently getting in the duck yard, the change of color on the dogs due to the mud and then the kids cleaning the dogs.

One of the girls said that I need to write a book. That's been mentioned several times by several different people. To which I gave them the address to the blog and said we usually don't have reruns, no season ending cliff hangers, but just regular episodes that involve a cast of characters. Sometimes it's a sitcom, some times an editorial commentary, a PBS type informative show or a serious drama.

Yeap, my life as a tv show....

Later gators....

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