Wednesday, June 16, 2010

life in print

There’s a reason this blog is called Random Thoughts, I’ve been thinking again about something very off the wall.

How would you write about your life for a book? And what if they decided to turn it into a movie or mini-series or worse a tv show? What kind would it be? Drama, comedy, reality, or one of those “dramodeys”?

Looking back, I’ve had ups, downs, things that I would rather forget about. The past is the past. I’ve learned from it, don’t live in it and choose not to repeat it. Though I wouldn’t change it for a thing, it’s made me the way I am and I love the life I’ve created.

So I’d write about my life now. Duck wars, poop patrol and all. Kids growing up and leaving the nest(eventually, maybe, some day I hope). The ins and outs of being a working mom with a sideline on the chaos of being a full time volunteer too. Road stories, pms, mowing the lawn and watching silly movies on rainy days. I might just have to work on this a little.

Okay, so you write the book. They(whom ever they would be) offer you truck loads of money for the rights to put your life, your story on the screen. Who plays you? Your kids, the infamous hubby. They will never be able to cast the four legged characters and give them justice. There is only one Clairee, Hope and Moose. So this is where the fun begins, maybe. Do they really understand you? Oh the joys of having an actress shadow me to get into the part. NOT. Seriously, does anyone really want my life other then me?

I’m a little concerned, though, about how they would edit what I’ve written, or in specifically, how I’ve lived. I’ve been reading a few books that have been turned into movies and there’s so much that you miss out on from written word to acting a scene. What would they leave out, put in, change the timeline on. Are they happy with the plot, the beginning and the end? Or do they need to make it more likeable, romantic, scary or cleaner(I’ve openly admitted that I’m not the world’s greatest house keeper.).

Challenge now, how would you write the story of your life?

later gators....

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