Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Weather update

Nope, we didn't float away. Actually we didn't get near as much of the downpour as our neighbor's to the NW in Center Point. Several of my kids were late to class because they honestly were stranded at home and had no access out of their homes.

Though I do have a bone to pick with my own children........I took very muddy dogs with me to class last night. Merlot, Lace and Moose all had too much fun making mud pies in the afternoon. Clairee was just wet but frizzy due to the humidity.

And this morning, I saw the SUN!!!

Later gators.....


Sharrie said...

We saw the sun for a few minutes last night, but I sure don't see it today. Send some east! I am sick of this rain. Happily, my dogs don't get muddy. (fingers' crossed)

Cindy said...

My life with muddy dogs--one day I'll write a book all about it.

The rain washed the wood chips away from the fence, so when Peterman is running and barking at the ducks, she's making a pig sty of the area. This in turn, forced her to have a bath yesterday.

The old gals got in the duck pen the other day and played in the pond. I guess my pretty red brindle girl was a lovely smelly chocolate brown when found out and no whites showing.

Ah yes, Iowa has only three seasons: snow aka cold, rain aka mud, and hot aka as hell.